App Account Setup


Download Tapestri & click; Activate Your Account. Enter email, create a password & click; Sign Up.


Location Permissions > Always Allow.  This allows the app to work and pay daily dividends even when you are not using it.


Notifications > On. Get paid for opened Tap2Earn notices.


You're All Set!

Check-in at places, earn badges and explore Tapestriland while earning daily dividends.

Tapestri App Setup Video

App FAQ Video

App: To change the password on your Tapestri app account

From app login screen:

    • open the app and click on "use password" from the login screen
    • click “forgot password”
    • enter the email on your app account
    • check your email and follow the prompt to change your password

    From App main menu:

      • go to the main menu in the app and click “account settings” 
      • tap "Change Password"
      • enter your current password
      • enter new password
      • confirm password & click continue
      • you can also click "reset" at the bottom of this screen if you forgot your current password