Mobile location data is a $250 Billion industry and until now you’ve been giving away all that valuable info. Whether you’re picking up milk, taking kids to soccer or filling up the tank, Tapestri’s got you covered. Tapestri works by understanding your device location data (event activity) as you move throughout your day. The app collects and pays you for these valuable events while maintaining your anonymity. Tapestri is the app that makes earning simple and prioritizes your privacy.

Yes, Tapestri is a free app and will always be. This free app allows anyone to tap in and get paid for the mobile location data their phone creates as they go about their day.

When you sign-up and create your app account, your name, email and everything else that makes you, you, go into our secure, encrypted (decentralized) servers in the cloud; your data then goes through an elaborate separation process to become completely and irreversibly, 100% anonymous. The only piece of information that's a constant is a random identifier moving or resting to and from a retail location. At the end of the day, anonymized visitation data is what you'll be passing along to us and what you'll earn month after month.
  • Become a Tapster (app user). Download our free app from the app store. By checking a few boxes you’ll be ready to earn up to $25 per month just for activating the app and going about your day. 

  • Increase monthly earnings by filling out surveys.

  • Share the app. Earn recurring bonuses when referred friends tap in too!

  • Become a Brand Affiliate. Free app users earn bonuses for every active app they refer (tier 1), affiliates earn bonuses on 2 tiers of active apps + team bonuses.

Tapestri pays cash via Stripe for device location events (activity) collected, surveys completed and referral bonuses earned. Payday is always the 15th of the month for all in-app earnings from the previous month. 

    Never Miss Earnings: Ensure maximum earnings by giving the app device location access all the time.

      Activate To Earn: In order to get paid for device location events (activity) collected, the app must always have location access all the time. If you do not always allow location access the app can not pay you for the location events your phone creates as you go about your day. 

      Device location permissions:

      • iPhone location always (to confirm, go to phone settings, open Tapestri, location should be set to always) 
      • Android location permissions allow all the time 

        Active App: An active app is set to always allow location & has had event activity at least 90% of a 30 day period to qualify for in-app earnings. 

        Tapestri Time: Your app must be activated for a minimum of 30 days before any earnings are verified and paid. Your Tapestri balance accumulates until the 10th of every month when your earning clock resets. Then all current funds in your “pending balance” go through verification. Once verified they transfer to “Earned Balance” for access on the 15th of the following month (Payday).

        EX: You activate your app on Dec. 12 & it remains active through Jan 11 (30 days). During that time you earn $6 for surveys, $4.30 for device location data & 2 friends you referred activated their apps on Dec 16th.

                 Jan. 11th Pending balance total: $6 (surveys) + $4.30 (data) = $10.30

                                    You can transfer this “Earned Balance” from your Stripe account on Feb. 15th!

        You earn referral bonuses on the 15th of every month for as long as your referral has an active* Tapestri app. These bonuses are recurring (paid every month the app is active) and there is no limit to how many people you can refer.  If the app is not active, a referral bonus is not paid for that time period. 

        *An active app is set to allow location “always” & has had event activity at least 90% of a 30 day period to qualify for a referral bonus. If the app is not active, a referral bonus is not paid for that time period.

        Every app install that remains active will generate a recurring referral commission every 30 days. The commission will be paid to the Stripe account associated with your app on the 15th of every month.
        No. We have strict rules around minors using our App. Its incredibly important that we protect our minors. As we grow, our attention and focus on privacy will increase across this active user demographic.
        Currently, Tapestri is available only in the US & Canada. We have big aspirations to rapidly expand around the world over the next few months, so watch this space and stay tapped in.

        Your privacy is our priority. While you are out at POI (Points of interest) like stores, parks and businesses, other Tapsters (app users) can see your anonymous (nameless) avatar at these locations on the Tapestri map. Your Avatar is always incognito (hidden) from everyone but you, while you are at home (CDN- common nighttime dwelling).

          Tapestriland (The Map): The map shows anonymous Tapsters, out in public, getting paid for the device location event activity their phones create daily.

          Your privacy is our priority. The information on your profile is for your eyes only and is never monetized or shared.

          Our app only takes 50MB of space and does not need to be open to work, thus it uses less than 2% of your battery every 24 hours.

          App: To change the password on your Tapestri app account

          From app login screen:

          • open the app and click on "use password" from the login screen
          • click “forgot password” 
          • enter the email on your app account
          • check your email and follow the prompt to change your password

          From App main menu:

          • go to the main menu in the app and click “account settings” 
          • tap "Change Password"
          • enter your current password
          • enter new password
          • confirm password & click continue 
          • you can also click "reset" at the bottom of this screen if you forgot your current password
          Yes. Tapestri can be installed on any device that is hand-held, travels with you and has the ability to connect to the internet.
          Yes, you can. $10 bucks is the minimum amount you'll need to accrue in your account in order to make a transfer.
          Nothing, you just go and install Tapestri on your new device and sign in using the same email/password you first used to activate the app on your old device.
          The Company behind the Tapestri Brand name is Complementics. Complementics has been working with App developers and large, global Brand Marketers for more than 10+ years collecting and anonymously monetizing privacy compliant data at scale.
          Nothing. You will still go on earning referral commissions on friends you've referred every month the app is active on their device. You will earn on 2 tiers. Additionally, you may want to consider upgrading as well and earn referral commissions on everyone you share the app with too!
          Easy. You can simply hit delete and remove it from your mobile device. 
          We look at broad scale consumer location data in order to better understand human movement and shopper behavior at points of interest visited.
          If you earn $600 or more (in the US), you'll be sent a 1099 to mail in or file online along with your tax returns.